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7 min readDec 30, 2022

Crypto gems are undervalued coins or tokens, with the potential of delivering massive gains. These coins often have a very low price, and relative low market capitalization, and provide the possibility of huge returns.

Unfortunately, for every gem, there are thousands of other noises around them. CoinBrain believes in DYOR, meaning that you should take time to research thoroughly before buying into any crypto project or token. It’s crucial to identify the right signals from wrong ones both on-chain and off-chain.

As the next-gen analytics platform for crypto traders, CoinBrain helps investors identify potential trading opportunities and gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics by providing investors with valuable insights on market-related data such as price movement, volume and market cap growth.

CoinBrain provides the investors with a DEX Aggregator service named CoinBrain Trade offering a more favorable token exchange rate, a multi-charting tool (Up to 16 charts on 1 screen), social media dynamics analysis, and a tool with advanced filters to access a given token’s trading activities.

In addition, CoinBrain tries its best to make users stay safe when trading and prevent loss of funds for them by integrating multiple security detection services provided by Web3 security infrastructure GoPlus.

CoinBrain Trade offers a favorable token exchange rate

CoinBrain Trade is a DEX Aggregator supporting all major EVM chains (BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism and Arbitrum) which allows users to swap tokens for the best prices possible by automatically selecting the cheapest and most efficient route for the transaction.

Social Media Analysis

For each single project, CoinBrain provides a profile page along with links directing to the official website and social accounts including Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Medium blog, Github, Wikipedia etc. Users can check how a project is going on at the time based on the growth performance of a project on all those social medias. CoinBrain would update all numbers on a daily basis for all these social media’s progress. One thing to watch out for is a sudden follower spike for a social media account, as it might be caused by fraudulent practices (such as Twitter followers buying scheme ).

Multi-charting tool (Up to 16 charts on 1 screen)

CoinBrain provides crypto traders with a multichart feature, which allows users to watch more price charts at the same time or set up a dashboard with several coins on the spare display.

Multichart is a customizable dashboard that can display price charts from up to 16 coins at the same time. All popular tradeview indicators and charting tools are available and the price is updated every few seconds for the most up to date experience possible.

Multi-charting tool (Up to 16 charts on 1 screen)

Check the trading history with advanced filters

CoinBrain provides traders a live feed of all transactions for given token refreshing every time when a new transaction occurs. With advanced filters, CoinBrain allows traders to access the transaction data on a given token and take a deep dive into the token’s trading activity.

CoinBrain enables users to search the trading activities on a given asset based on Token Amount and Value(filtering based on the trade value or the number of tokens), Transaction Type(it’s sell or buy transactions), Source of Liquidity Pools(filtering on which liquidity pools the trading happens).

CoinBrain deeply cares about Web3 security. Working with Web3 security infrastructure GoPlus, CoinBrain develops the best in class security solutions for crypto assets, and they are Token Risk Detection and Approvals Checker.

Token security detection

CoinBrain Trade would auto detect the associated risks and threats on the token that has been added as a trading pair. Once the token is detected with a potential security risk, the user will be informed with a timely and relevant alert and more detailed risks info to minimize loss of funds.

Taking the above case as an example, two security risks are identified during the transaction, sell tax and pausable transfers.

Slippage (be akin to a Sell Tax) is the percentage of variance between any transactions asked for price and the actual price at the transaction’s completion. As usual, above 10% is considered to be a high slippage, and a tax rate above 50% means that transactions may not be executed. In the above example, the sell tax is as high as 100%, far more than a normal one. Another concern on the security is the transfer could be pausable, which is a honeypot. If the token’s contract contains code that suspends transfer, the token may neither be resold by the users (honeypot risk), but only the owner may sell them. The hacker would take advantage of this time to drain the pool and the token value then decreased to almost zero.

The powerful token security detection service of CoinBrain is supported by the Token security API provided by GoPlus, which would detect the risks of security for the token, checking over 30 safety indicators from contract code, transaction security to info security, including but not limited to: whether the contract is open sourced, whether it is mintable, whether there is any risks of security associated with the owner address, the amount of token holders, LP info, the percentage of buy/sell tax, whether it is honeypot and more.

The Token Security API service provided by GoPlus is one of the most complete and accurate security services for token data on the market. As of December

25, a total of 2.04m+ tokens have been detected, 1.09M+ of them are tokens with risks and nearly 3 million times of calls happen per day. The database is currently automatically keeping on adding newly issued tokens in the market and doing security identification and detection for them, covering as fast as possible for as many tokens in the market as possible.

Approvals Checker

Approvals Checker, which is another feature associated with security CoinBrain provides for its users, enables users to check all given spending permits on a given wallet and revoke unlimited approval if any and limit their exposure to attack.

Decentralization is full of both opportunities and risks. “Keep your crypto asset in a wallet and then no one can take them away from you” is a widely recognized vision in crypto space. It means no one can transfer or move the crypto asset once you keep it in a decentralized, non-custodial wallet. However, once you have confirmed the token approval, this rule may be broken and put the assets in your wallet at risk of being taken away.

When trading an asset for another one using a DEX, the DEX would swap your asset for another one. But before the execution, the DEX would ask for your permission to access the asset you want to swap. Only after you sign the token approval, the DEXcan then move or transfer your asset.For example, if a user deposits USDT into Aave to earn interest, they first need to authorize the Aave contract to withdraw USDT from the user’s wallet.

However, token approval doesn’t mean your wallet would be at risk of being drained.

as there is a certain amount of tokens tied up with it, meaning the third-party dApp only can access these amounts of tokens. If you grant permission for a dApp to access 1,000 USDT, the dApp can only move 1,000 USDT.

But when it comes to the Infinite Approval, a huge security risk could happen. Infinite Approval enables users to grant platforms and smart contracts the permission to spend tokens/ coins on your behalf without limit, and has become common practice for DeFi protocols to use to improve end users experience. Many trustworthy DApps do this to maximize convenience and to prevent you from paying for gas every time you approve access, but, unfortunately, unlimited approvals also greatly increase the security risks. At the moment, there is no concept of expiring approvals, meaning that once you give an unlimited access to a certain dApp, it remains approved forever.

For users who have already granted permission, the only way to decrease the risk is to cancel the approval.

This is why Approvals Checker comes into play. Coinbrain’s Approvals Checker is a great way to check what approvals are currently granted on your tokens. Simply paste your wallet address to the input box, select the chain which you’re using and hit the “Check Approvals”. Then Coinbrain will return immediately with which dApps have set approval and how much funds you could potentially lose. You can select and revoke access to the specific approval you want to cancel . The only downside to removing approvals is the extra gas fees spent for each single revoke.

CoinBrain’s Approvals Checker is powered by GoPlus’s Approval Security API V2, which would check the risk of security for a contract that requests an approval from the basic info, main security and the contract info around the token. An alert with a red flag mark would appear once any of the potential risks are detected.

Serving as the Web3 security infrastructure, GoPlus supports all these assets issued on blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, AVALANCHE, Polygon, and Harmony.

It means that once any DApps on those blockchains integrate the API services provided by GoPlus, they could provide security detection for their users on the tokens security, malicious addresses, NFT security and approval Security.



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