Enhancing Web3 User Security with GoPlus Network’s User Security Module and GoPlus SecNet

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4 min readMay 20, 2024

Web3 is often too dynamic for its own good; ensuring robust security measures is essential for user trust and mass adoption. GoPlus Network has developed innovative solutions to address these security challenges. This article explores the core features of the User Security Module (USM), its integration with the User Security Life Cycle (USLC), and the introduction of GoPlus SecNet, a secure blockchain RPC service.

Core Features of the User Security Module (USM)

The USM is a pivotal component of the GoPlus Network, designed to enhance user security and the usability of Web3 interactions. Here are its core features:

  1. Modular design
    The USM’s modular architecture is a crucial asset in blockchain, particularly with the rise of modular blockchain solutions and Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers. This design allows the USM to be seamlessly integrated into various blockchain architectures, providing advanced security features without the need for in-house development.
  2. Multi-chain support
    The USM is adaptable to multiple blockchain networks, ensuring a consistent security layer across different ecosystems. This flexibility allows users to benefit from GoPlus’s advanced security features, regardless of the blockchain they are interacting with.
  3. On-chain risk management
    Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and a comprehensive security engine, the USM enables real-time risk analysis and mitigation for user transactions. This feature helps identify and prevent potential security threats, such as fraud or unauthorized access, before they can cause harm.
  4. Customize security strategy
    Through the GoPlus Personal SecHub, users can customize their security preferences based on their individual risk tolerance and needs. This allows users to balance security and usability, ensuring they can interact with Web3 applications according to their personal security requirements.
  5. Seamless user experience
    The USM provides a secure environment without requiring users to be security experts. Automatic on-chain risk control protects users even if they inadvertently sign dangerous transactions, intercepting them at the blockchain or RPC level. This approach significantly lowers the barrier to entry for mainstream users, fostering confidence in engaging with decentralized applications and services.

User Security Life Cycle (USLC)

To guide users towards optimal security practices, GoPlus has introduced the User Security Life Cycle (USLC), which outlines necessary steps for user protection before, during, and after interacting with Web3 applications and services.

  1. Pre-event phase
    This phase equips users with the knowledge needed to navigate Web3 safely. Users are provided with up-to-date security information and risk assessments, laying the foundation for secure interactions with a wide variety of protocols.
  2. During-event phase
    As users engage with protocols, on-chain firewalls, and rigorous security protocols operate in real-time to shield assets. This protection extends from the transaction signing stage through to its validation and recording on the ledger.
  3. Post-event phase
    Post-event security involves revoking unneeded permissions, monitoring for anomalous activity, and ensuring robust recovery solutions. This ensures that a user’s security posture remains strong even after transactions are completed.

Introducing GoPlus SecNet

We are thrilled to introduce GoPlus SecNet, a secure blockchain RPC service designed to provide users with a seamless and secure way to interact with different blockchains. By connecting to SecNet RPC endpoints, users can access the robust security features of the GoPlus Network, ensuring that their transactions and interactions are protected against various security risks.

GoPlus SecNet explained

  • Easily integrate our security solutions into existing infrastructure without complex setup or configuration.
  • Built on top of our network and different SecWares, delivering fast, reliable, and secure access to blockchains.
  • Currently supports Ethereum and BNB Chain, with plans to expand to additional networks.

Whether you’re a developer building dApps or a user looking to securely interact with these networks, GoPlus SecNet enhances the security of your on-chain activities.

We don’t exaggerate when we say we are at the forefront of Web3 user security, offering comprehensive solutions through our USM, USLC framework, and the newly launched GoPlus SecNet.

These innovations collectively aim to create a safer, more reliable Web3 environment, driving mass adoption and fostering user trust.

Stay tuned to prevent getting REKT and to receive future updates as we continue to expand our SecNet RPC service to support additional networks and features.



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