Footprint Analytics ✖️GoPlus Security: Establishing Strategic Partnerships

We are glad to announce that GoPlus Security and Footprint Analytics have reached a strategic partnership!

GoPlus Security specialises in data security, analysing on-chain data for multidimensional risk detection. And Footprint covers the comprehensive on-chain data, which undoubtedly could provide strong support for GoPlus. We believe that this deep collaboration will enable us to analyse on-chain data and use it for a wider range of applications.

​​We will cooperate in the following aspects:

  • Collaboration on underlying data and analysis methodology.
  • Industry research and security reports.
  • Community collaboration.​​ Introducing our products to both communities to get more users to understand data analytics and security.protecting users from risk.

About GoPlus Security

GoPlus is working as a part of Web3 security infrastructure by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services. It is a real-time, dynamic and automated security detection platform, including Token Security API, NFT Security API, Malicious Address API, Approval Security API, Contract Security Detection Platform, dApp Security Info API and Signature Data Decode API with 2–3 million data calls every day.

GoPlus is focusing on building and offering the best Web3 security data integration to protect both projects and users in the crypto world. The team is seeking similar-minded partners and influencers to build a security ecosystem together.

For more information please visit:

GoPlus website:

GoPlus API Doc:

About Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics provides API and visualization tools to uncover and visualize data across the blockchain, including NFT and GameFi data. It currently collects, parses and cleans data from 20 chains into structured and semantic tables. It lets users build charts and dashboards without code, using a drag-and-drop interface as well as with SQL.

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Go+ Security

Go+ Security

Go+ Security, Everyone’s Security Tool! Go+ is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users.