Go+ & BNB Chain AMA Recap

  • Mint function
  • blacklist /whitelist function
  • High buy/sell slippage
  • Take back ownership function
  • Airdrop scam
Li.finance has a sign to show whether the token has been verified by Go+ API or not
You can see the result on the safety check part of CoinBrain
A check report on the right side of Ave Platform to show the detection result
  • NFT detection, as NFTs are also a huge part of assets, we will provide NFT detection like token contract detection, to warn users about potential losses.
  • dApp smart contract detection
  • NFT Detection
  • On-chain data monitoring,
  • dAPP Smart Contract detection(Now in beta testing, will have official version soon)
  • Risk detection during users’ Interaction Process(e.g. Phishing Website/APP)
  • Support Rust
  • Security DAO (Beta Version )
  • Privacy Model
  • A more decentralized infrastructure upgrade

Selected Questions

1. I have tried to search the name Go+Security in google but it doesn’t give any website link. Could you please share the website and social media links?



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Go+ Security

Go+ Security

Go+ Security, Everyone’s Security Tool! Go+ is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all types of blockchain users.