👥 Introduction of Go Pocket CEO Mike Lee

I am Mike Lee, CEO of Go Pocket. I have been in the blockchain industry for 4 years working with two blockchain products — Delphy and Tops.

Delphy is a decentralized forecasting market product, and Tops provides security data services for crypto investors to help them identify and avoid risks.

Before that, I was engaged in the development of web 2.0 secure browser and successfully sold a browser company with daily activity of 4 million .

👥 Can you briefly tell us about Go Pocket team?

Go Pocket is R&D-oriented with a small team of around 30 members. A majority of them have 3 to 4 years of blockchain experience and security product development background.

Go Pocket was started at the beginning of this year , and its functions are being constantly updated and optimized.

👥 As we all know wallet still doesn’t have a good profit model. So why did you choose to develop a crypto wallet? What is your vision & goal?

Before talking about wallets, I would like to talk about the security aspect.

For all blockchain investors, the first step is to purchase tokens and this may be threatened by frequent risks and security incidents. Investors often face troubles like buying fake coins, assets stolen after receiving phishing airdrops, unable to sell after buying, participating in pump and dump projects.

Traditional security audits for blockchain projects is mostly so-called static security. It mainly focus on the smart contract code and emphasizes on whether there are code irregularities or whether there are bugs.

Although static security can cover a significant portion of security issues, it is still not enough in today’s DeFi blowout. For example, the serial structure of the blockchain leads to a huge MEV arbitrage space for DeFi contract calls, which may cause losses. Calling and feeding prices among multiple contracts may create a space for price attack. These are problems security audit can not cover.

Meanwhile, with the rapid change of crypto world, crypto wallets no longer meet the market demand by just manage private key. Wallet becomes the portal for users to interact with dApps and Web 3.0.

That’s why we are committed to a safe wallet. Go Pocket is aiming to be a security defender of Web 3.0, which provides real-time and dynamic security protection for ordinary investors. And also adding on optimized user experience, Go Pocket aspires to be core portal for Web 3 world in a long run.

👥 Can you explain more about what are the similarities and differences with Go Pocket and other wallets?

Go Pocket is equipped with basic crypto wallet functions, such as seed phrase generation and storage, multi-chain assets management and trade, interact with dApps, etc.

Go Pocket puts asset security as the top priority, it breaks the traditional wallet chain-centric management concept and turns into address management.

It is a multi-chain wallet characterized with real-time dynamic assets security and higher usability.

In terms of security, Go Pocket is the first wallet to provide token security detection and approval management. Users are able to detect assets security with one-click, can check the contracts they have approved for each token, change the approved token amount and revoke the contract approval at any time.

Besides, Go Pocket automatically identifies the risks when the investor interact with the marked-up phishing websites, risky contracts and addresses. These service are only offered by Go Pocket in the market.

As for user experience, you may encounter clumsy operation process when interact with last-gen wallets. With Go Pocket, users do not need to switch chains to view all assets, and do not need to add assets into wallet manually.

Go Pocket also has a built-in native cross-chain bridge, so that users can directly carry out cross-chain transaction with one-click; And users are able to switch addresses and networks directly within the dApp.

Go Pocket also keep up with latest market demand, like view ENS name and avatar, add observer accounts, etc. These are all features other wallet does not have.

As there are users asked about our competitive advantages, I hope this also answers your question. Also check Go Pocket feature illustration for a quick view.

👥 Can you explain more about Go Pocket security mechanism?

Some of our users also asked about our security mechanism. Based on analyzing and abstracting of more than 10 thousand economic models and security cases, Go Pocket has developed our security engine which applies machine learning technology to automatically identify code logic vulnerabilities and business design flaws of the contract code, and runs the contract via EVM sandbox to accurately identify various static and dynamic issues that may arise in the contract operation.

The security engine mutually engages with Go Pocket security database. The security database is constantly updating by scanning newly issued assets and projects and collecting the latest risk types, which provides sufficient learning material for the security engine.

👥 Does that mean security database is the fuel for Go Pocket security engine? Can you talk more about it?

Yeah. So the security database covers a wide range of tokens on different networks and is updated in real time. It provides security services not only for Go Pocket users, also for all other blockchain projects as business user, like Arbiproject is powered by Go Pocket security data API, which I would like to introduce later on.

Our database currently covers security data on Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon and Heco, with more than 10,000 detected token and more than 4,000 risky tokens. It conduct comprehensive analysis from multiple dimensions including token authenticity, tokenomics, contract mechanism and backdoor, token launch and destruction, transaction slippage and tax, token distribution structure, liquidity composition, and asset management methods, etc. Very widely and timely covered.

👥 Our esteemed supporters care if Go Pocket is going to launch our own token . What s your development plan ?

We are not going to launch Go Pocket token at the moment.

Go Pocket still focuses on strengthening our security services to Go Pocket users and to business users, so that eventually a decentralized security service mechanism can be organically formed.

Go Pocket token will be the next step after overall security service mechanism is established. Probably in the second quarter of next year, but we don’t guarantee this time at present.

👥 Ok, Token is for next phase. Well, we all know that Go Pocket is issuing Genesis NFT, can you give more information about it?

So in order to thank you all for support, the Genesis NFT is the important part of genesis activity. We will issue 2000 NFTs, 1500 for Go Pocket beginner and 500 for our Security Defender. And to become Security Defender, one must become Go Pocket beginner firstly.

The NFT holders are the first batch of users who support Go Pocket and are willing to grow with us. Go Pocket believes that security defense is the right thing, and doing the right thing has long-term value. Genesis NFT is for those who share same value with Go Pocket and are willing to gradually witness that Go Pocket is widely assented by Web 3 world.

👥 Are there any upcoming news for our users?

Many of them😜. So as I mentioned Arbiproject before, it is a community initiated project portal. We are powering Arbiproject at moment with Go Pocket Security API, which gonna be release soon in this month.

And such services will also be seen on other public chains. Please stay tuned if you are interested in this.

Also new chains including Avalanche and Optimism gonna be supported in Go Pocket soon.

We will release another great news lately. But i’d keep this one at moment. Please follow us for that.

Thank you!