As the significant part of Go Pocket Genesis Activity, the Genesis NFTs will be issued soon.

The NFTs will be limited edition and represent the contribution and identification of users who support the project from the very beginning and wish to grow with Go Pocket.

There are 2 types of Go Pocket Genesis NFT.

1st level — Go Pocket Beginner NFT

2nd level — Security Defender NFT

Participants who complete the task below are able to claim your NFT in Go Pocket at the end of Go Pocket Genesis Activity. Activity time will be announced soon.

Go Pocket Beginner NFT is a proof of Go Pocket Beginner.

Participants successfully complete the following 3 tasks will be on Go Pocket Beginner whitelist and are able to claim Go Pocket Beginner NFT when the event finish.

  1. Download Go Pocket from official website.
How to detect token security in Go Pocket?

3. Submit following items to Go Pocket via Google form

Screenshot of security detect result

BSC Address

Twitter account

Telegram account

Go Pocket Beginners are able to take one further step and become Security Defender after the following tasks completed.

1.Use Go Pocket “Apply for Security Detect” feature as shown below.

2. Submit at least 15 risky tokens by clicking “Apply for Security Detect”. The token submitted must be undetected tokens. We encourage users to share your detection result on twitter after 1–2 work days, and @GO_Pocket.

Go Pocket Security Defenders are able to claim Security Defender NFT at the end of Genesis Activity.

Please count and remember the submitted tokens to satisfy the requirements .

For more questions, Go Pocket Help Page may assists with general using issue.

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