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Sep 8, 2021

2 min read

Go Pocket User Guide Part I — How to manage your wallet?

Here is a brief function introduction of how to manage your first safe wallet, Go Pocket.

In order to be easy to read, the wallet set up guidance is broken down into questions and answers. Let’s Start!

1. How to create new accounts in Go Pocket

2. What is the difference between wallet and account?

3. How to create a wallet in Go Pocket ?

Scenario 1. User can create wallet when open Go Pocket for the first time

Scenario 2. If you want to create more wallets on Go Pocket, follow the guidance below.

4. How to rename an account?

5. How to navigate between accounts?

  • On Go Pocket home page, you will find the new accounts, which are in form of Bank Cards and you can swipe left and right to access different accounts.

6. How to import a wallet in Go Pocket?

Scenario 1. Users can import a wallet when start to use Go Pocket for the first time

Scenario 2. If you want to import other wallets in Go Pocket, you will find it on Settings page as well

  • Enter Wallet Management on Settings page
  • Tap Import from Seed Phrase or Import from Private Key
  • Enter your seed phrase or private key
  • Tap Import to complete