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Oct 16, 2021

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Go Pocket: We know Arbitrum Better

Arbitrum has been frequently discussed in past months. This L2 expansion structure based on the Optimistic Rollups has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts as well as project parties.

In past years, we witnessed the steady development of Ethereum ecosystem, the market frenzy and of course the pressure brought by soaring gas fee. While the gas fee has been reduced by the launch of Arbitrum.

Arbitrum alleviates the congestion of L1, reduces the cost, and promotes the popularization of Ethereum ecosystem. And most importantly, it defends the concept of decentralization.

Then, How to Start?

The prosperity of blockchain world has gradually formed independent ecosystem based on public chains, and also a series of isolated data and value islands. Cross-chain tools are effective bridges connecting value islands: they constantly accelerate the frequency of value exchange and ultimately promote price discovery.

There are full of opportunities and imagination when Arbitrum ecosystem growing. Users intend to transfer assets to Arbitrum with passion, however the use of cross-chain bridge engages an insurmountable threshold. While interacting with Arbitrum community, we have noticed that not every wallet are able to provide the cross-chain use experience perfectly.

In terms of cross-chain experience, Go Pocket can proudly claim that we know Arbitrum better.

Know Better, Do Better

Go Pocket is aware of the technical challenges such as performance and security brought by heterogeneous bottom layers to cross-chains. Go Pocket’s cross-chain scheme starts with the underlying architecture, security mechanism and data structure, and encapsulates the interfaces, protocols, data and basic functions, forming a safe and credible interoperability concept, which further optimizes the use experience of the cross-chain bridge.

Users can select ETH directly and then cross chain with one-click. All you need is to enjoy a cup of coffee, then when switch to the Arbitrum chain, your assets can be viewed in Arbitrum. Of course, you can also easily transfer assets back to L1 after the lock-in period, with same fluency and same reliability.

Video: click here to view the cross-chain feature in Go Pocket.

GoPocket has integrated the well-known DEX such as Uniswap and Balancer , so that users can conduct fast currency transactions on Arbitrum;

Go Pocket has also integrated with the DeFi lending platform, so that users can improve capital utilization and value capture;

Most importantly, Go Pocket provides a real-time and dynamic security defense system and is building the security boundary for crypto.

Go Pocket can monitor Arbitrum’s projects and provide users with asset security diagnosis. Meanwhile, it dynamically intercepts phishing websites and manages authorization with one click to avoid potential risks caused by malicious airdrop.

In addition to real-time multi-chain assets managing feature, Go Pockent is intend to continuely build an open security ecosystem for users and developers.

Your Crypto Defender

We know that security and consensus are the foundation of Blockchain, and users and communities are the core of crypto. We will continue to listen to the voice of the communities, improve products and functions, and perform our mission as the crypto defender.

If you have any problems in using GoPocket, or any suggestions or comments, you are welcome to join the community:

Official Chat Community https://t.me/GoPocketGlobal

Official Announcement https://t.me/GoPocketAnnounce