GoPlus launches Approved Contract Security Detection V2, one click to check risky approvals!

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2 min readSep 6, 2022

Recently, on-chain smart contract approval attacks happen frequently, and general crypto investors have a serious lack of security awareness related to approval. A large number of users still maintain approval status for many abandoned smart contracts, which may lead to huge risk exposure.

In response to this market demand, GoPlus security team has developed Approved Contract Security Detection V2, a version of the API that allows users to check all authorized contracts at their current wallet address with a single click and read the risk of those contracts when GoPlus partners integrate Approved Contract Security Detection V2 API.

Currently, GoPlus Approved Contract Security Detection service covers two using scenarios.

  1. When users need to make smart contract approval decisions, they can use the Approved Contract Security Detection feature to see if the contract they are going to approve is at risk (corresponding to GoPlus Approved Contract Security Detection v1);
  2. When users need to check if their wallet address has a risky approval status, they can query and check whether their wallet address is at risk with one click (corresponding to GoPlus Approved Contract Security Detection V2).

The main advantages of GoPlus Approved Contract Security Detection are as follows.

1. Comprehensive approved contract information

In addition to basic contract information, it also provides security information including the contract creator, when the contract was deployed, whether it is a private contract, whether it is open source, whether it is on the whitelist, and whether there is previous malicious behavior, which has the most comprehensive risky items coverage in the market today.

2. Collect the approved contracts of major dApps in the market to build a complete whitelist

We collect the approval contracts of major dApps and add them to the whitelist, which can effectively improve users’ perception of contract approval risks and enhance user experience.

3. Quickly updated blacklist addresses

With the help of malicious address API and on-chain data analysis, we can achieve rapid updates of blacklist addresses, so as to maximize the protection of user security.

4. Free of charge

Currently, our partners can use the related API service for free.



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