GoPlus Security and Numen enter into a strategic partnership

We are pleased to announce that GoPlus and Numen have entered into a strategic partnership.

Numen is a Web3 Security Solutions Provider which focus on Web3 Security, threat detection and response.

Through the strategic partnership, we will work together to secure Web3 through concrete collaboration in areas such as data integration and content co-creation.

About Numen Cyber

Numen Cyber Technology is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company that specializes in Web3 Security Solutions. The organization has discovered critical vulnerabilities in some of the world’s most well-known Web3 projects such as Aptos, Sui, Eos, Ripple and Tron.

With their Cyber Labs team composed of the world’s top security experts, they offer Web3 security services that can comprehensively cover all stages of a Web3 project’s lifecycle such as security audits for Smart Contracts, Public Blockchains, Smart Wallets, and Exchanges.

Numen also offers on-chain Smart Contract Threat Detection and Response, Web3 Security Situational Awareness, Digital Currency Tracing and Web3 Threat Intelligence, to protect the digital asset security of Web3 projects and their users.

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About GoPlus Security

GoPlus Security is working as a part of web3 security infrastructure by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services. It is a real-time, dynamic and automated security detection platform, including Token Security API, NFT Security API, Malicious Address API, Approval Security API, Contract Security Detection Platform, dApp Security Info API and Signature Data Decode API with 2–3 million data calls every day. Meanwhile, GoPlus has gone live on its Security Services Marketplace in November 2022.

GoPlus is focusing on building and offering the best Web3 security data integration to protect both projects and users in the crypto world. The team is seeking similar-minded partners and influencers to build a security ecosystem together.

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GoPlus website:

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