GoPlus Security Partners with AltLayer to Elevate Web3 Security Infrastructure

GoPlus Security
3 min readFeb 28, 2024

Web3 Just Got Safer; Added Security to a Rollup World

– In a transformative development for Web3 security, GoPlus Security is excited to announce a significant partnership with AltLayer. This collaboration is set to redefine security standards within the Web3 ecosystem, with a special focus on making users’ on-chain transactions safer and providing an added layer of security for rollups to realize chain-native user security. By leveraging GoPlus Security’s advanced infrastructure and AltLayer innovative RaaS (Rollups-as-a-Service) platform, this partnership heralds a new era of user-centric security solutions.

“Web3 just got safer; added security to a rollup world,” signifies not only the immediate benefits of this collaboration but also its future impact on the scalability and security of blockchain technologies. GoPlus Security, with its proven track record in developing sophisticated security protocols, and AltLayer, an open and decentralized protocol for rollups, are combining their strengths to introduce native security features for users directly into the RaaS environment. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing decentralized on-chain user security risk control.

“This alliance with AltLayer represents a significant leap forward in our mission to deliver unparalleled security in the Web3 space,” said Eskil Tsu, Co-founder of GoPlus Security. “Together, we are setting new standards for what is possible in terms of user security and trust in the blockchain ecosystem.”

AltLayer’s RaaS platform is known for its ability to help projects build customized rollups. With the integration of GoPlus Security’s innovative solutions, the platform will not only become more secure for users but also more user-friendly, encouraging wider adoption of DeFi solutions by minimizing the perceived security risks.

YQ, Founder of AltLayer, added, “Our collaboration with GoPlus Security is a testament to our dedication to providing the most secure and user-friendly blockchain experience possible. By leveraging GoPlus Security’s expertise, we are enhancing our RaaS platform to offer our users the highest standard of security measures available today.

As GoPlus Security and AltLayer work towards their shared vision of a secure and user-friendly blockchain ecosystem, this collaboration is set to become a cornerstone in the industry’s evolution.

About GoPlus Security

GoPlus Security is a leading provider of user-centric Web3 security solutions dedicated to protecting the Web3 ecosystem through advanced risk assessment tools and protocols. With a focus on innovation and user safety, GoPlus Security is at the forefront of securing the decentralized world for all users.


About AltLayer

Founded in 2021, AltLayer is an open and decentralized protocol for rollups. AltLayer is known for its novel product — ‘restaked rollups’ — which supplements existing rollups with better security, decentralization, fast finality, and interoperability.

Built atop its protocol is a Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) launcher, a hassle-free platform allowing developers and beginners to spin up a customized rollup within 2 minutes! This product is designed for a multi-chain and a multi-VM world.

Together, these products form the bedrock of a modular blockchain ecosystem — home to hundreds of thousands of rollups that can accelerate scaling for any Web3 application. They can help save considerable capital, reduce years of development work for teams, encourage innovation, and fast-track experimentation while being fully open and permissionless.

Industries spanning the NFT sector, Web3 gaming, DeFi, real-world asset tokenization, and others leverage these rollups to scale their applications. AltLayer supports major stacks, alternative DA layers & shared sequencers including OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon CDK, ZK Stack, Celestia, EigenDA, Avail, Espresso & more.

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