GoPlus Security RPC Interception Service Setup Guide

GoPlus Security
3 min readApr 30, 2024

1. Click your profile icon or SecHub to access the SecWareX Personal Center

2. Enable Your GoPlus Personal SecHub

3. Add BNB and ETH GoPlus SecNet to Your Wallet

4. Link with the SecWareX Bot

5. Customize your Security Settings

Set up monitoring and interception based on your risk preference. The RPC GoPlus SecNet will intercept transactions that pose risks according to your settings.

6. How to Re-add GoPlus SecNet

If you lose the GoPlus SecNet security node in your wallet or switch to a new wallet, click here to re-add the GoPlus SecNet to your wallet, ensuring continuous use of our risk interception feature.

7. Use the GoPlus Personal SecHub

Once set up, switch the default network in your wallet or DEX products to GoPlus SecNet (currently supports BNB and Ethereum) when interacting, and then proceed with your on-chain transactions as normal.

8. Real-time Push Notifications for Interceptions

When a risky transaction is automatically intercepted by the security network, a notification will be sent to your Telegram immediately, allowing you to keep track of the transaction status and detailed interception information.

9. View Detailed Reasons for Interception on the Details Page

10、Purchase Advanced Armor for an Upgraded Protection



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