GoPlus Security Support Dtools for New Token Security Detection

GoPlus Security is pleased to announce that we have provided full support for Dtools’s new Token Security Detection feature. Users are able to easily experience token security detection on Dtools to avoid potential risks of the investment process.

In addition to the search box, Dtools has also created a separate TAB by which users can search separately, making it very easy for users to use. Since its launch, the product has been well received by users.

Dtools as a Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tool, aiming for meeting the needs of WEB3 explorers. There is no doubt that security is one of the most important things in the web3 market, Dtools adopts several solutions to make sure of it. First, open sourced pass contract and contracts used in plug-in functions ; Second, completely abandon the traditional centralized storage architecture and replace it with decentralized technology, all user data is stored locally without uploading; Third, all network request interfaces of Dtools are not encrypted or confused at all, and support any packet capture tool to view. And now Dtools and GoPlus Security are in partnership, bringing security detection easier to access to web3 explorers.

GoPlus Security is an open, permissionless, user-driven security service platform for all kinds of blockchain users. Its security engine covers Multi-chain with Multidimensional risk detection for both crypto projects and ordinary users and has detected over 1.64 million Tokens, including 800,000+ risky Tokens.

As one of GoPlus Security’s key strategies, the partnership with blockchain projects aims to provide investors in the multi-chain crypto market with open, permissionless, user-driven security service. We are exporting our security data API to partners so that our service could reach out to more general investors. The GoPlus Security API provides quick access to third-party application platforms such as public chains, non-custodian wallets, DEX, crypto data aggregators, etc., helping their users to avoid risks and invest safely.

About Dtools

Dtools — Decentralized Tools, aiming for the next generation of ALL-IN-ONE WEB3 tools, similar to the Spotlight search on Mac, that uses shortcuts to quickly show and hide Dtools. When you are browsing any web page, you could wake Dtools, it brings the current gas fee, crypto price, and a large number of web3 keywords you could think of within 2 seconds by simply inputting vague keywords. Other than that, Dtools has various functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology. Blockscan chat, faucets, NFT mint monitoring and analysis, etc.

The Dtools Pass is the identifier and passes we issue to each Dtooler. Dtoolers who hold the pass can unlock all advanced features and technical expert support during the validity.

Common Pass unlocks most functions on Dtools, valid for one year, free of mint, you only need to pay a very low gas fee to enjoy one-year basic rights; Premium Pass can unlock all the functions of Dtools, valid for one year, and the price is only 0.04 ETH; Lifetime Pass can unlock all the functions of Dtools and is valid for life. It is the highest proof of equity of Dtools, and enjoys future TOKEN airdrop rights and continuous new special rights with the limited release of only 0.1 ETH

Dtools is updated quickly with a frequency of 1 minor version per week and one major version every 2 weeks. Continuously aiming for meeting the needs of WEB3 explorers is the most fundamental and unique advantage of Dtools. Check the website for more info:

About GoPlus Security

GoPlus is working as the “security infrastructure” for web3, by providing open, permissionless, user-driven Security Services. GoPlus security engine covers Multi-chain with Multidimensional risk detection for both crypto projects and ordinary users, making a safer Chain Ecosystem.

Currently, GoPlus has developed a complete, dynamic, and automated security detecting platform, including token detection, NFT detection, Malicious Address, Approval Security API, dApp contract security, and more customized functions are under planning. Goplus is also preparing for a security service Marketplace to launch in later 2022.

We would love to offer the best Web3 security data integration to protect both projects and users in the crypto world. We are also seeking similar-minded partners and influencers for cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in accessing GoPlus API, or any other cooperation possibilities.

Please feel free to visit our website:

the API Doc:



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