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The unfortunate and uncomfortable truth is, the journey of a web3 user today remains a perilous odyssey strewn with unseen hazards.

There are intrinsic vulnerabilities within Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Centralized Finance (CeFi), a plethora of security challenges facing public chains, an increasing number of incidents amongst the ever-growing Decentralized Applications (dApps) sector, and, most importantly, a severe lack of security services for individual users. These real-life risks have led to substantial losses, ranging from major breaches at established platforms to large-scale DeFi thefts and individual wallet compromises.

Enter GoPlus Security, the user security layer of web3.

User Security: The Crucial Frontier in the Web3 Journey

The potential of the web3 market is colossal, with projections showing it escalating to trillions of dollars in the coming years. To realize this potential, User Security is paramount. GoPlus Security’s mission emerged from identifying and acknowledging key risks in this fluid landscape. Zooming in on user security, it’s clear this is the new frontier in web3’s development — and potentially its most significant bottleneck. Everyday users, often people transitioning from web2 or complete newcomers, are particularly vulnerable. It’s a simple equation: widespread acceptance relies on individuals navigating web3 with assuredness, not merely as passive passengers, but as confident pilots. They need more than just an alarm system; they require a map, a guidebook, and a reliable set of tools to navigate this unfamiliar terrain safely.

Naturally, the ecosystem at large must foster engagement, education, and vigilance among them, and GoPlus Security is leading the way in this pursuit of ensuring its readiness to safely onboard billions of users at scale. Addressing the lack of security services for individual users forms a significant part of its mission, and GoPlus Security is delivering not just software solutions, but also contributing to an informed, educated, and safety-conscious user base.

GoPlus Security APIs: Harnessing the Fundamental Elements of User Security

This focus manifests in the form of the GoPlus Security APIs that prioritize user security across different aspects of web3 interactions. The APIs recently surpassed 10 million queries in a single day, a testament to their widespread usage and the rapidly growing community of users that rely on them for their security needs.

Token Security API, for instance, is like an early warning system for digital assets, enabling rapid, automated detection of token security threats. By covering over 30 security detection parameters, it not only keeps user assets safe but also enriches developers’ toolkit in building secure applications.

Malicious Address API, another essential tool, serves as a timely library of addresses associated with malicious activities. It scans across nine major blockchains, encompassing over 9 million suspicious addresses.

As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) gain prominence, the NFT Security API adds a layer of trust by validating the legitimacy of these digital assets.

Approval Security API mitigates potential risks in token approvals with an expanding database of over 100,000 suspicious contracts, ensuring secure transactions.

dApp Security Info API and Signature Data Decode API offer sophisticated services that provide risk alerts and decode ABI data to spot abnormalities, backed by a wealth of contract source codes and transaction methods.

GoPlus Security Service Center: An Open Marketplace for the Security Ecosystem

While the intricacies of the API toolkit merit a separate deep dive, the GoPlus Security Service Center is another key aspect of GoPlus Security’s offerings that warrants attention. It is a marketplace designed for everyone in the space — users, developers, and project teams.

For users, the marketplace offers an unprecedented level of personalization. By simply connecting their wallets, users are provided with recommended, tailored products that cater to their specific needs and preferences, including vital services like risk detection, safety information, market tools, insurance, asset tracking and custody. This approach to customizable security products not only significantly enhances user satisfaction but also leads to higher user retention.

Developers find a treasure trove of resources for their projects, ranging from security analysis tools to deployment and testing frameworks, and beyond. Meanwhile, project teams can tap into a pool of services including contract monitoring, node provisioning, data storage, and DAO tooling, among others.

The GoPlus Security Service Center’s marketplace model is more than a one-stop-shop for security needs; it’s an ecosystem that fosters cross-disciplinary synergy and innovation, ultimately enhancing the overall safety and resilience of web3. As more participants join, the speed of onboarding only accelerates, amplifying the marketplace’s momentum and traction. With plans for decentralization and more on the horizon, GoPlus Security Service Center is just at the beginning of its journey in shaping a #SaferWeb3.

In the pursuit of establishing a robust, resilient web3 security infrastructure, GoPlus Security’s partnerships and integrations with industry-leading service providers, exchanges, wallet providers, and DeFi platforms stand testament to our commitment. But these partnerships aren’t just feathers in GoPlus Security’s cap — they represent a shared vision across the ecosystem to future-proof users on the infra level. Our efforts are continuous, with more alliances in the pipeline and relentless improvements to our product suite.

This is just the beginning of the journey with GoPlus Security. As we delve into the boundless opportunities of the web3 universe in the forthcoming series of articles, you will gain a deeper understanding of GoPlus’s mission, offerings, future roadmaps, team, and much more. GoPlus Security stands steadfast in securing web3’s future and cultivating an ecosystem where users can explore, transact, and innovate confidently.

Learn more about GoPlus Security and be a part of the #SaferWeb3 journey.



GoPlus Security

Empowering a #SaferWeb3 with user-driven, open access security solutions. Championing user education for a fortified front against adversaries.

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