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Aug 12, 2021

2 min read

How to install Go Pocket on Android?

Follow the guidance and get your first safe crypto wallet on Android.

Step 1. Open Go Pocket official website in browser.

Step 2. Click GET IT ON Google Play.

Step 3. Click Install on Google Play, sign in Google Play firstly if you haven’t yet.

Step 4. Some browsers might ask if the installation is allowed. Click Allow once.

Step 5. Click Install to get Go Pocket on your phone.

Step 6. Open Go Pocket Safe Wallet, click to create a new wallet or import private key.

When choose to create a new wallet, you will create password and write down the seed phrase somewhere else.

Click I’ve written down, and then you can enter Go Pocket landing page.

Step 7. When choose import private key, you will enter your private key, and set up a password, then click Import. Likewise if you import seed phrase in this step.

Step 8. After set up the wallet, users can enter Go Pocket landing page successfully.