How to install Go Pocket on iOS?

Here is the guidance of how to install Go Pocket on iOS.

Step 1. Open Go Pocket official website in browser

Step 2. Enter the website and click App Store to download

Step 3. You will be guided to TestFlight page, click View in App Store

Step 4. Click GET to download TestFlightStep 5. Back to browser after download, click Start Testing to download Go Pocket

Step 6. Enter TestFlight and see Go Pocket, click INSTALL

Step 7. Then OPEN Go Pocket

Step 8. Click Next and then Start Testing

Step 9. Open Go Pocket Safe Wallet, click to create a new wallet or import private key.When choose to create a new wallet, you will create password and write down the seed phrase. Click I’ve written down, and then you will enter Go Pocket landing page.

Step 10. When choose import private key, you will enter your private key, and set up a password, and then click Import

Step 11. After set up the wallet, users can enter Go Pocket landing page successfully

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