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5 min readFeb 7, 2023

JDB is an extremely powerful trading and research tool backed with millions of data points to provide users a more transparent and profitable way of decentralized trading. As a data analysis tool based on EVM chains, JDB collects and analyzes live data on various EVM blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain.

By collecting and analyzing real-time data on multiple blockchains, JDB helps investors filter out on-chain data insights that could optimize the investing strategy.

Analyze the quality of the holders

Checking a token for the quality of the holders was not possible until now. The trading behavior of the holders has a relevant influence on the development of the token price.

In this context, JDB distills four types of traders including traders who make more than 5x sells on average, traders who sell on average with loss, traders who sell on average between 1 and 1.5x and traders who do not meet any of these criteria. On the DApp you can scan a token of your choice and get an analysis of the holders based on these criteria.

Social trading

JDB supports social trading, which enables users to track, analyze and copy the best traders on the BSC. A smart logic in JDB’s backend compares every single buy and sell transaction of the different wallets and draws a conclusion. The most profitable wallets are presented on a ranking list and you can follow their trades. In the future, JDB also plans to add an instant notification function. Once the wallet adds a transaction on the chain, subscribers can get instant notifications.

Deployer wallets alert

An automated analysis of which wallet generated the token and which are its previous projects could be able to help investors optimize their investing strategy. With JDB, you have the opportunity to follow interesting deployer wallets. In the future JDB will implement a function that will send you notifications when the wallets you follow generate a new token.

A graphical representation of tokens in a wallet

JDB provides a graphical representation to see which wallets invest in which projects while www.bscscan.com does not provide such information and data.

Customize allowlists based on the trading history

A good quality of presale investors is the basic requirement for a successful launch

of a project. JDB will develop a launchpad where whitelisting is possible based on the previous trading behavior. Project developers can choose which of the categorized wallets are allowed to participate in a presale and which are not.

Scan token for security detection

JDB aims to address security concerns and reduce the risk of financial loss by integrating with the security API service powered by GoPlus.

When clicking the tab ofScan Token on JDB , an instant detection for security that auto-detects tokens will be triggered. This service would identify risks and assess its risk levels around the tokens on its basic information, contract security, trading security, and information security . Once the token is detected with a security risk, the user will be informed with detailed risks info.

The powerful token security detection service of JDB is supported by the Token security API provided by GoPlus, which would detect the risks of security for the token, checking over 30 safety indicators from contract code, transaction security to info security, including but not limited to: whether the contract is open sourced, whether it is mintable, whether there is any risks of security associated with the owner address, the amount of token holders, LP info, the percentage of buy/sell tax, whether it is honeypot and more.

Taking the token$SSANTA(address:0xCB4fbb6FD116E26541456B3E95F68592438Cdb5d ) as an example, two security risks are detected during the transaction, sell tax and honeypot.

The Token Security API service provided by GoPlus is one of the most complete and accurate security services for token data on the market. As of Jan 16th, 2023, a total of 2.41m+ tokens have been detected, 1.4M+ of them are tokens with risks and nearly 3 million times of calls happen per day. The database is currently automatically keeping on adding newly issued tokens in the market and doing security identification and detection for them, covering as fast as possible for as many tokens in the market as possible.

In addition to the Token security API, GoPlus also provides other security solutions associated with crypto assets,including a malicious address API, a NFT Security API, and Approval Security APIs.

GoPlus Malicious Address API

GoPlus Security Engine has integrated several public blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, HECO、Arbitrum、Avalanche and etc. Aggregating data sources from multiple security companies including SlowMist and BlockSec, GoPlus takes a leading spot in the market in terms of public blockchain compatibility(Supported public chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, HECO、Arbitrum、Avalanche, etc.), token standards supported(ERC 20,ERC 721 and ERC 1155 supported), library pattern diversity(data sources from multiple security companies which provided different type of code analysis patterns ), sync-up speed(maintain a library to keep up with the emerging honeypot tokens related addresses in the market) and coverage(the library has accumulated more than 100,000 of black addresses now, and it keeps up adding newly ones).

GoPlus NFT Security API

GoPlus NFT security API dominates the security market with full coverage of NFT projects(more than 160M) and the most verified NFTs ( more than 4M+ verified NFTs have been indexed so far).

In the context of more and more sneaky traps especially the innovative NFT honeypots and many more fake name NFT scams, GoPlus goes for NFT security detection on the over 20 security checkboxes in the contract level from whether it is open sourced, whether there is an agent, whether there is malicious behavior, whether there is a blacklist doubt, preventing users from getting scammed.

GoPlus Approval Security API:

GoPlus has released version 1 of Approval Security API, which would auto-detect the contracts that are requesting approval when users are doing Approval for a dApp in dex and browsers. Once any potential risks are detected, an alert with a red flag mark would be displayed, informing that NEVER click the confirm button.

The version 2 of Approval Security API would check the approval activities of a given wallet address in the past and auto-check if there are potential risks of security for the contracts you ever approved whatever it is ERC20,ERC721 NFT or ERC1155 standard.

Approval Security API V2 checks the risk of security for a contract that requests approval from the basic info, main security and the contract info around the token. An alert with a red flag mark would appear once any of the potential risks are detected.

Serving as the Web3 security infrastructure, GoPlus supports for all these assets issued on blockchains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, AVALANCHE, Polygon, and Harmony, which means that once any apps on those blockchains integrate the API services provided by GoPlus, they could provide security detection for their users on the tokens security, malicious addresses, NFT security and approval Security.



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