Tutorial of TokenPocket Zone(TokenPocket Zone参与教程)

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4 min readAug 10, 2023

After the first successful cooperation with SafePal, TokenPocket zone is now about to release as the second stage of Forest Adventure. Here is a detailed tutorial of the whole event for all our users as follow.

在与SafePal的第一次成功合作之后,TokenPocket Zone现在即将作为丛林探险系列活动的第二阶段发布。以下是详细教程:


Potential threats exist everywhere of Web3 world, vigilance is required for all explorers with courage and ambition. In the journey of dark forest, GoPlus security will be your trust-worthy companion keeping your wallet and assets from threats. Get your woodpecker find out all the risks lurking in the woods, and earn yourself the final co-branded OAT.

Web3世界中潜在的威胁无处不在,所有勇敢的探险者都需要提高警惕。在丛林之旅中,GoPlus Security将是您值得信赖的好伙伴,并让您的钱包和资产免受威胁。让你的啄木鸟找出树林里的所有风险,并为自己赢得最终的联名OAT。

Event Time(活动时间):

Start time: August 10, 2023, 07:00 UTC
End time: August 24, 2023, 07:00 UTC( You will have an additional 72 hours till Aug 27th 07:00 UTC to claim the OAT if you have finished the quests before 23rd but forget to claim the OAT)

开始时间:2023年8月10日07:00 UTC

结束时间:2023年8月24日07:00 UTC(如果您在23日之前完成任务但忘记领取OAT,您将有额外的72小时到8月27日07:00 UTC领取OAT)

Operation Process(操作流程):

Step1: Download the latest version of TokenPocket(步骤1: 下载最新版本的TokenPocket)

  • For the users on PC(电脑用户)
  1. Go to the official site of Tokenpocket: https://www.tokenpocket.pro/en and click ”Download”, Choose the “Chrome” to install the extension in both way for your browser.


  • For the users on mobile device(移动设备用户)
  1. Choose the “Android” or “iOS” on the same page as above to install the corresponding version to your device (Feel free to download the APK or scan the QR with your device).


2. Directly scan the QR as follow for installation.



Step2: Experience GoPlus Security Wallet Health Check with TokenPocket(步骤2: 使用TokenPocket体验GoPlus安全钱包健康检查)

  • For the users on PC(电脑用户)
  1. Make Sure you have already installed TokenPocket Extension, then click https://health.gopluslabs.io/?cid=TokenPocket.


2. Click “Connect TokenPocket Wallet”, and an extension page will pop up, click ”Connect”.


3. Click “Start Check” , and once you see “ Detection Complete “, you are all set to move to the next step.


  • For the users on mobile device(移动设备用户)
  1. For Andorid users, you can click the Banner on the Discover page or click “Wallet Health Check” DApp on the New DApp List.


2. For iOS users, you can enter “Wallet Health Check” on the search bar and enter the DApp.


Step3: Claim the Co-branded OAT presented by GoPlus&TokenPocket on Galxe(步骤3: 兑换Goplus和TokenPocket联名OAT)

Caution: Make Sure the Wallet Address you used for Galxe is same as your TokenPocket! Or you will NOT be able to verify after you complete the quest, this means you will NOT be able to eventually claim the OAT.


  • For the users on mobile device(移动设备用户)
  1. Go to Discover in TokenPocket App, go to https://galxe.com/goplussecurity/campaign/GC6G1Uj5zK on banner position, and connect your wallet to Galxe ( You will be able to connect through your Phone’s original browser.)

前往TokenPocket App中的Discover,转到banner位置的https://galxe.com/goplussecurity/campaign/GC6G1Uj5zK,并将钱包连接到Galxe(您可以通过手机的自带浏览器连接。)

2. On the current page you will be able to see the credential under “How to Participate” , click “Verify”.


3. After finishing the rest of other quests, you will be able to claim you OAT.


  • For the users on PC(电脑用户)
  1. Go to https://galxe.com/goplussecurity/campaign/GC6G1Uj5zK, and connect your TokenPocket to Galxe.


2. On the current page you will be able to see the credential under “How to Participate” , click “Verify”.


3. After finishing the rest of other quests, you will be able to claim you OAT.


Here’s a great offer: All co-brand OAT holders can enjoy a 30% discount on the KeyPal Hardware Wallet, plus the first 10 purchasers of KeyPal will also receive a TokenPocket Swag as a bonus!

巨大优惠:所有联名品牌的OAT持有者都可以享受七折的折扣,加上前10名的购买者还将获得TokenPocket Swag作为奖励!

KeyPal hardware wallet is a multi-chain digital assets hardware wallet which is incubated by TokenPocket Foundation and developed independently on an open-source project. Built-in high-performance dual chips, KeyPal has a 2.0-inch ultra-large color display and user-friendly buttons. It is deeply adapted to TokenPocket and supports thousands of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, EOS, TRX, DOGE, BNB, HT, OKB and USDT. With the KeyPal hardware wallet, you can not only easily manage blockchain digital assets, but also enjoy advanced functions such as playing the latest DAPP, DeFi, and NFT. It is a safe, reliable and easy-to-use new digital asset housekeeper tailored for you.

KeyPal硬件钱包是由TokenPocket Foundation孵化,在开源项目上独立开发的一款多链数字资产硬件钱包。内置高性能双芯片,拥有2.0英寸超大彩色显示屏和人性化按键。深度适配TokenPocket,支持BTC、ETH、EOS、TRX、DOGE、BNB、HT、OKB、USDT等数千种数字资产。通过key硬件钱包,您不仅可以轻松管理区块链数字资产,还可以享受最新的DAPP、DeFi、NFT等高级功能。它是为您量身打造的安全、可靠、易用的新型数字资产管家。

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