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2 min readSep 20, 2022


Go+ Security is pleased to announce full support for Token security detection on KCC, a decentralized, high-performance public chain with high throughput, low latency, low transaction costs, reassuring security and stability designed to provide a faster, more convenient, and less costly experience for the community. KCC is highly sensitive to user security, which is one of the important prerequisites for our cooperation.

From now on, dApps deployed on KCC will be able to check the security of Tokens in KCC ecosystem automatically through free access to GoPlus API. GoPlus Security will also introduce more security services on KCC in the future, such as NFT Security API, Approval Security API, and Malicious Address API.

As one of GoPlus Security’s key strategies, working with public chains allows GoPlus to provide security to as many investors as possible in the multi-chain crypto market. This support for KCC is another important addition to Go+ Security Token Security API, following the support for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Heco, Fantom, OKC, Harmony, Cronos and other public chains, which is important for reaching a wider range of users.

About KCC

KCC(KuCoin Coummunity Chain) is a public chain project initiated and built by KCS’ developer community, solving network latency and high gas fees of the Ethereum network. KCC is Ethereum-based and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and smart contracts to provide community users and developers higher speeds, more convenience and a lower-cost blockchain experience.

About GoPlus Security

GoPlus is working as the “security infrastructure” for web3, by providing open, permissionless, user-driven Security Services. GoPlus security engine covers Multi-chain with Multidimensional risk detection for both crypto projects and ordinary users, making a safer Chain Ecosystem.

Currently, GoPlus has developed a complete, dynamic, and automated security detecting platform, including token detection, NFT detection, Malicious Address, Approval Security API, dApp contract security, and more customized under the plan. Goplus is also preparing for a security service Marketplace to launch in later 2022.

We would love to offer the best Web3 security data integration to protect both projects and users in the crypto world. We are also seeking similar-minded partners and influencers for cooperation. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in accessing GoPlus API, or any other cooperation possibilities.

Please feel free to visit our website: https://gopluslabs.io/

the API Doc: https://docs.gopluslabs.io/



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