YouTube tutorial presents 718% return on staking! — —The latest secret Web3 phishing scam

How does the scammer do?

Step one: Providing the phishing website. The tutorial presents interaction on the BakerySwap exchange, but the phishing address given later is not BakerySwap. BakerySwap is used here to gain trust from users.

Other scams like this

There are a lot of YouTube scams like this,pretending to be the wallet or project owner, using different wallet names and project names. The video looks quite formal and professional, users can easily get misled, believe it’s an official tutorial. At the same time, they would be attracted by the high profit, and follow the instructions to complete staking.Typing in keywords like “token AIRDROP” on YouTube, there will be lots of scams like this. Scammers use well-known projects and hardware wallets to fake phishing urls and obtain approval.

Tips to avoid these scams

First of all, do not trust operation guidelines provided by other channels. We should confirm with the wallet or project owner, please go to the official website or make an inquiry in the community.



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